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Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

    Island of Destruction by Nina Mihalíková

    With an innocent’s blood, the shaman summoned the Polar. They made their offerings, waiting for the Polar to appear. However, what descended with the Polar, was the birth of destruction.
    “ Foolish creatures. Do you still believe that myths can save you?“ Asked the deity of civilisation as it beheld her in all their glory. The ancient tribe thought the Polar was its protector. The tribe could not respond to the question that was asked by her but her response to this was just a smile. People encouraged themselves after seeing this, thinking that the goddess was pleased from their sacrifice of the innocent. “ Let me be clear that every version of the story ends with you being slaughtered.“ She responded to the silent tribe with a smile that was about to cause utter destruction. The Polar showed her true nature, wiping the tribe from the face of the earth.
    Before the goddess was hunted down and slained, she used her powers to create an everlasting spell that would make her live on, even in death. She stood up, driven by madness and there she made her final action. The tiara she once proudly wore was now in her shaken hands, used as an item to cast her spell in.” I recreate myself. That is my only power. “ She whispered into the tiara, taking deep breaths.” Millennia will pass but this tiara shall be the source of my rebirth. I, the Polar lie in the mortal lethargy and if in the future near or far, a mortal shall touch my crown, I will be awake back to life. “ She spoke her words as the goddess vanished.
    The years passed, the history of the Polar had perished with the tribe. The destroyed land awoke to new life. Thousands of years passed, when the awakened land was just a lonely island that no man set foot on.
    But curiosity kills the cat and history repeats itself once again, now in a different century. A group of young people enter the deserted island, unaware of what once happened in the land where they now find themselves. There were four of the mortals, their names were Erna, Agya, Faye and Wesisa.
    The young women began to walk around the island, seeing nothing but the sunken island that was once so vibrant and civilized. There was no vegetation, but ruins could be seen in the distance. ”Do you see them? The island is completely dead, nothing is left, but these ruins are still standing. There must still be something there. “ Erna shouted confidently to her group, while Faye stood there with worry lines in her eyes. The four women entered the island and made their way to the ruins.
    Finally they made their way to the ruins that stood before them. They looked up to look at them and noticed a very peculiar detail. After millennia had passed, the ruins were adorned with silver and the silver seemed to be in such good condition as if the ruins in this place had been built only a few weeks ago, not millennia ago. They entered the ruins, which had more and more decorations inside. There were chalices, drawings on the walls and many other accessories. But the deeper they went into the ruins, the stranger the drawings on the walls actually became.